Management Team

Kylie Helgesen

General Manager

Kylie has worked in early childhood education and care in many different roles over the past 25 years. She is passionate about making sure that every young child in the Wheatbelt has the best possible learning experience. She understands that in the Wheatbelt region, parents don’t generally have the luxury of choice, which makes it even more important that every service is consistently of the highest possible standard and reflects its local community.

During the two year development of the regional governance and management model, Kylie has visited most ECEC services throughout the region and met some amazing educators. She knows that one of the significant challenges that ECEC services have faced is recruiting and keeping skilled experienced educators. She understands that as REED provides career pathways and professional development opportunities, more young people will be encouraged to become educators and not leave the region.

Kylie’s ambition is for REED to:

  • Develop children’s feelings of self-worth and self confidence
  • Encourage an environment that challenges children to extend their
    skills and take calculated risks, to love learning and be proud of their accomplishments
  • Ensure an atmosphere of warmth and love where children feel secure and free to grow
  • Discover each child’s uniqueness, special needs, talents and strengths
  • Provide a stimulating environment
  • Reinforce and challenge each child’s natural social, emotional and
    intellectual development.

Steven Sizer

Operations Manager

Steven came to REED with extensive business and management experience in a busy retail environment. Steven’s journey with REED during a high growth phase has seen him working in a number of roles. Steven has become a passionate advocate for regional ECEC and volunteers his knowledge and experience to Carewest, a peak body for NFP children’s services in Western Australia as the Executive Member, representing regional not for profit ECEC services.

Melissa Elliott

Assistant Operations Manager

Melissa has 13 years’ experience in the early childhood sector, with over 8 of those years in leadership roles that have promoted positive outcomes for children, families and educators. She is committed to ongoing professional growth for both herself and her team, that ensures she will continue to deliver high standards of practice and knowledge across REED services.

Melissa is an advocate for children, and she is passionate about their individuality and their rights. She views children as capable and is driven to foster relationships that promote positive outcomes and success for all children into their future. She is also dedicated to the importance of quality early education, particularly in regional areas that supports children to thrive through safe, secure and nurturing environments and practices that are inclusive and equitable.

Mick Tuteja

Finance Manager

Mick is a dedicated professional with over 17 years of experience in accounting, working with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). As a full member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) in Australia and holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, he has consistently strived for excellence in his field. His expertise has led to significant improvements in internal procedures and the implementation of advanced monitoring processes across the organizations he has worked in.

Mick is eager to bring his knowledge and skills to REED, with the goal of enhancing the organisation’s productivity.

Marguerite Smolders

Quality Assurance Officer

Margi has worked in the early childhood education and care sector for over 30 years in various roles including 9 years with the Regulatory Authority as Senior Assessment Officer. She has experience in management of services, compliance and working with services to meet the National Standard through planned, systematic improvement.

Margi’s role with REED WA of Quality Assurance Officer includes regularly reviewing policies and procedures, supporting, and monitoring services compliance and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Margi works across all REED services and enjoys the wide variety of communities she visits

Tracey Foster

Cluster Manager (South)

Tracey is an experienced and qualified ECEC professional who lives in the Wheatbelt region. She’s passionate about professional development for educators and sees REED providing opportunities for staff that are difficult for small, single services to achieve.

Tracey understands the importance of partnerships with families to facilitate responsive learning environments for children. She looks forward to being a member of a team and working in partnership with ECEC services as they transition and enjoy the benefits REED will offer.

Tania Darby-Gethin

Cluster Manager (East)

Tania has spent her life in the Wheatbelt District and comes to REED with over 20 years of industry experience as an Educator, Administrator and Coordinator. Tania has a passion and drive for teaching children about life and takes great pride in seeing them achieve at their own pace.

With Tania’s extensive background she has a diverse range of experience from Therapy Assistant to Assisting children with special needs which makes her a great leader and role model for our REED Educators and an asset to the REED Management Team.

Madison Boothey

Cluster Manager (Central)

Madison has more than 6 years’ experience being in the ECEC industry.

She has had the opportunity to be in multiple roles within REED such as being an educator, team leader, Co-ordinator and now Cluster Manager.

She has exceptional leadership skills and her motivation stems from wanting to provide quality care for children and families within the services.

Madison continues to use her knowledge from all roles she has had within the industry to best connect with the educators, children, and families.

When Madison has the chance to take off the manager hat while being with the children, she takes that opportunity as this is her true passion.

Nicole Derksen

Cluster Manager (North)

Nicole has over 15 years experience in the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector holds a Diploma in Children’s Services.

In her time in the ECEC sector she has been an Educator, 2 IC as well as a centre director for 4 years since she moved to the wheatbelt in 2017.

“I enjoy working with families as I do believe it takes a village to raise a child and I am always grateful when families allow me to be a part of their journey.

Nicole believes the first five years of children’s development is so important and something she is very passionate about, she believes it is our role as educators to foster and assist in developing children’s interests, strengths, curiosity, imagination and understanding of the world around them while celebrating all the children’s wonderful firsts and the little moments and milestones as they grow.”

Courtney Noble

Cluster Manager (Mid-West)

Courtney has over 12 years experience in the childcare industry and hold her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

In her time in the industry she has worked in multiple positions starting as an Assistant Educator, Qualified Educator, Team Leader and Nominated Supervisor. During this time she has gained lots of valuable knowledge and experience and uses that knowledge to help the children learn and grow and run a successful service.

“I believe that all children learn through many different ways and should have the opportunity to experience all different learning environments to help them fully investigate their world. Children learn best in a safe and calming environment and I strive to ensure that connections with the families and children are made and sustained”

Courtney can’t wait to bring her knowledge into our services.