Feedback, both positive and negative, from families, educators, staff and the wider community is always welcome, and helps us to continuously improve our services.

REED will work hard to resolve problems, correct mistakes and address concerns to reach a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties, as well as celebrate and reward positive feedback.

REED will treat anyone making a complaint with courtesy and respect, listen to what you say, keep you informed about our progress, and provide you with a prompt response.

Families can also be assured that all REED staff respect the privacy of the family when addressing any concern or grievance. Any dealings with your grievance will not be shared outside of the formal complaint process.

People other than parents and carers, staff and volunteers can make suggestions, comments or complaints about REED’s services via the online form below.

Acknowledgement of a complaint will be provided within 2 business days of receipt, and every effort will be made to respond fully and conclusively to all complaints within 15 business days. Wherever possible, the matter raised will be investigated more quickly. More complex complaints may take longer to resolve.

All complaints, grievances, and outcomes are documented, tracked and analysed to identify possible patterns. Information is kept in a secure data base and may be used to inform future Policy and Procedure changes and improvements in our services.


Feedback can be provided to REED in a number of ways (email, online or via a form that is downloaded):

  • Parents and carers are encouraged to communicate regularly with their Educators and Team Leaders about day to day and routine issues and concerns. This may include minor complaints that can usually be resolved by the people closest to the source quickly, and without a need for further assessment or formal investigation. An Educator or Team Leader may suggest that a parent or carer communicate their concern or complaint in writing to Your email to will go to an independent person who will be assigned to be responsible for dealing with the issue you have raised.
  • There is a suggestion box at each service, and written comments and suggestions (positive or negative) can be made by completing this Parent/Carer Feedback Form which can be placed in the box.
  • If parents or carers have a concern they don’t think can be dealt with through discussion at a service level, or they feel uncomfortable talking about the matter at their local service, they can lodge a concern or complaint by completing the online form below, or downloading this Parent/Carer Feedback Form  which can then be emailed to
  • Fill in the online form below:


  • Your completed form will go to an independent person who will be assigned to be responsible for dealing with the issue you have raised.